The best Automated palletizing to have rescued a food manufacturer – Case study

Once, the Jamestrong-Kyabram company, the largest Australian manufacturer of food, decorated infant formula, and nutritional powder packaging, desperately needed to rapidly grow productivity. Today, it enjoys automated palletizing solution with the capacity to pack 300 cans per minute.

Now, Jamestrong-Kyabram’s total production capacity is quoted as 500 million cans per year. This obviously pulled a pep in its step.


Invested in innovations to collect productivity

Bounce on the market of infant formula and nutrient powders compelled Jamestrong-Kyabram to invest into innovation, and they drew closer with SCOTT Automation & Robotics and their technologies.

Scott Automation & Robotics, member of the SCOTT Technology group, was the leading provider of automated and robotic solutions on the market. SCOTT offered productivity; they were reliable and safe, both for manufacturers and processors. And they already worked with a variety of industries, including general manufacturing, meat, food and mining.


Robots palletize 300 cans per minute

This robotic palletizing solution is capable of packing 300 cans per minute that constitutes a significant production raise for any company. Are you curious how it works? The new Jamestrong-Kyabram production line consists of three robots: the Motoman UP50 processes the evened metal sheets to form cans, and two KUKA KR180 robots cooperate simultaneously in baling area. One Kuka robot works with a magnetic gripper to place and stack cans on pallets, and the second Kuka robot uses a vacuum gripper to manipulate boards and upper frames. The protection fence erected around the robotic system together with the blocked doors fully comply it with the Workplace Safety regulation. Way to go, Jamestrong-Kyabram!