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KNN Systems – современные решения автоматизации для вашего производства. Мы подготовим самое выгодное
комплексное решение, учитывая все ваши пожелания!

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ул.Красноткацкая 94, офис 206

+38 044 594 09 42
Пн – Пт, 10:00-18:00

The KNN Systems is committed to playing a leading role in automation of manufacturing, in such a way contributing to the stronger and more sustainable businesses. For all our clients, we suggest integration of the most cost-effective and productive automation solutions customized with a special attention to our clients’ comments.

The KNN systems is the guru of automation of manufacturing. The company is the official representative of the KUKA producer, and the direct distributor of all KUKA products. The KNN systems enjoys the unique in Ukraine business model that allows for buying, integrating and further support of the robotic systems, with the all equipment being produced and certified in Germany.

We are proud to offer our out-of-the-box fully operational automation systems for manufacturing in your business. In the KNN systems, each automation project for manufacturing is deemed to represent a unique instance of our package. Thus, each customer gets a customized technical design of their robotic system, proficient integration of the solution, and all-around support.

Our managers proficiently recommend the clients the best-suited package for purchase, if they need to permanently automate their manufacturing, or the package for rent, if they need to cover their temporary requirements in automation.