Industry 4.0 or a new era of industrial development

In Ukraine, the term Industry 4.0 appeared in 2014, after Ukrainian technicians stopped by Hanover exhibition, in Germany. Simple, at first glance, term sparked a lot of speculation and disputes. We suggest you considering eventual pros and cons of manufacturing evolution and make up your mind.

The universally accepted pros of industrial evolution:

  • Incredible growth of innovation. Raise of its volume and impact will ultimately lead to higher effectiveness and productivity, plus reduction of costs.
  • Equipment can be set to work 365 days a year, three shifts at a time.
  • More and more sources of information open up and can be used to create new technologies for connecting entire fields, that in turn will foster the all-round development of Ukrainian industries.
  • Artificial intelligence has already become real judging by mass-robotization of the world leading enterprises and obvious development of biotechnologies.
  • No “human factor” at repetitive works that require increased precision and work safety.

All these issues foster the world wealth growth and even disparity between developed and less developed countries.
Many disagree with the second statement and draw up hypothetical cons of Industry 4.0:

  • Automation of manufacturing can cause mass unemployment.
  • Improper distribution of the world’s wealth. Poor countries can get even more impoverished. And full robotization in the rich ones can whack the ball into their budgets. Poor countries can be assigned suppliers of raw materials for the richer ones.
  • Threats of cyber attacks. We can experience all the risks that come along rapid development of artificial intelligence and global Internet.

Many countries have already joined industrial revolution, but many enterprises of Ukraine have not yet shown interest in new technologies.

The closer look on Ukraine’s industrial development will reveal certain difficulties that allow many countries view it as a supplier of raw materials and qualified personnel.

The KNN systems can suggest connecting industries with the IT sector, other progressive communities, and jointly innovate Ukrainian industries, promptly and in mass-scale introducing Industry 4.0.

If we make this crucial step, we will give a comprehensible impulse to Ukrainian industries and conquer better place with high-tech states.