KNN демонстрирует возможности робота KUKA

KNN systems took part in the Interpipe TechFest 2017

On September 16-17, the Dnipro city nested the Interpipe TechFest 2017 the science and technology festival and the main technical and popular-science event of this autumn.

Наблюдатели форума

At the festival, the KNN systems showed up with a spectacular performance. Once an hour, robot KUKA KR16 L6-2 was casting the festival’s name on a metal plate. The guests were intrigued and fascinated. They could observe the robot-welder at work and moreover, manipulate the hit of the festival themselves!


“Our company was exited to part take in TechFest 2017, show our solutions, and meet new colleagues. KNN systems is committed to playing a leading role in constructing of robots for automation of manufacturing in Ukraine, and to integrating Industry 4.0 solutions. As for now, Ukraine can only consider this for future. Though, with the coming of new experts into the field, and with the market raising standards for quality and safety, we assume Ukraine could raise its industrial automation index up to the European one,”,

Maria Leanca, marketing director, KNN GROUP.

Демонстрация робота KUKA наплавки аппаратом EWM на Interpipe TechFest 2017