E-commerce and logistics in trade

On-line trading in retail, logistics and e-commerce swirls with tough competition. Only the companies that can proficiently store their goods and deliver them to customer in no time survive. This causes customer’s loyalty and “come back” purchases.

The KUKA group, jointly with the Swisslog company, has designed all-inclusive robotic automated solutions that can dramatically raise your enterprise efficiency. They ensure fast delivery, spare storage space, increase precision of assembly and much more.

Aside from the KUKA software being in-built and user-friendly, it uses open standards and is extremely compatible with the whole types of equipment of other manufacturers.

Our software makes your entire supply chain transparent to you at all stages, including: receipt of orders, storage, packaging, sorting and dispatch of products.


What your logistics will get with the Kuka robots:

  • With the robot’s versatile payload capacity, work envelope, and augmenting any even the most complicated task will be tackled.
  • Optimized space in warehouses.
  • Personnel expenses cut down to 20%.
  • Much faster processing of orders, packing and dispatching products.


Check-list: My production line needs automation


What you get:

Ready and operating production solution

Fully automated production site

Qualitative process at low cost

You understand what processes can be performed more efficiently

Increase in efficiency by an average of 50%

Decent and comprehensive service